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The rapid growth of industrialization in recent decades has helped Korea to take a leading position in the global arena of lifting equipment and has made it the 5th largest elevator market in the world.
However, after the global financial crisis, many companies were sold to foreign corporations, and production lines were transferred to China. As a result, this industry has largely become dependent on China.

And to protect Korean manufacturing base with good traditions of excellent quality and services, SILVER Elevator Korea was established in 2011.

We are a professional company, that manufactures and supplies lifting equipment to more than 15 countries, including Russia and Saudi Arabia, and we have all the necessary certificates of conformity for these countries.

Based on high technologies, we develop individual projects that satisfy various architectural solutions. In addition, we constantly invest in the development and research of new technologies, including air purification systems.

In 2015, starting with obtaining a patent for the device of an intelligent sterilizer, in 2017, as part of the State program, we developed a unique ASel elevator sterilization system and are actively engaged in promoting this system in the Korean domestic market and overseas.

Our goal is to make the elevator, where many people intersect, to be the safest space in the building.
«SILVER Elevator Korea» is a company that cares and values each client.

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