subject ASel exhibited at the ‘Innovative Products Pavilion’ at the Public Procurement Promotion Contest

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups holds the 'Public Purchase Promotion' every year to reward outstanding public institutions and purchasing managers who have made efforts to promote public purchase of SME products. Also, excellent SME products are displayed, opening up opportunities for public purchase. At this event held at COEX on December 7th, technology development products, win-win cooperation products, and innovative products were exhibited as well as non-face-to-face purchasing consultations. SILVER Elevator Korea exhibited ‘ASel’ at the ‘Innovative Product Hall’.

ASel is a smart IoT sterilization elevator system that applies UV light irradiation method and plasma ion method. It is a system that sterilizes and cleans the air by itself by recognizing that there are no people inside during the time the elevator is not running. Since it can be installed by replacing the ceiling in an already installed elevator, it is expected to help public institutions that are concerned about COVID-19 quarantine.